Big Horn

Made its first appearance in 2014 and in 2016, made a welcome return.

Bighorn is a full-flavoured Anglo-American IPA; a fantastic, full bodied pale Yorkshire beer.

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Big Horn has a citrus twist which leads to a sharper, more complex taste; with hints of summer fruits and hoppy flavour provided by the blend of Challenger and Summit Hops. 4.5 % ABV.

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Bighorn has a fruity nose, with a hint of raisins and malt.

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Food Matches

Perfect with delicious spicy dishes such as Mexican food or with juicy steaks with a rich peppercorn sauce

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The English Challenger hops impart a malty, marmalade flavour to the ale, and the sharper citrus tones come from the American Summit hops; creating a perfect blend of sharp and warming flavours.

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