Our first permanent pale ale. Modern, light and juicy.

The latest addition to our flock. A modern pale ale with bags of hop character.

We've launched BAA BAA as our first, permanently available pale ale. As modern palates align to new flavours and sensations, our goal of brewing beautifully flavoured beers remains at the forefront of what we do. BAA BAA is a modern and complex pale ale. Beer is evolving, we are too.

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A clean, fresh and zesty character with an amazing balance and low bitterness.

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A distinct aroma of dynamic, juicy citrus lays atop a light malty background.

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Food Matches

Try BAA BAA with rich cured meats and flavoursome cheeses as the hop cuts through the bold, salty characteristics of the meat and blends with the creamy body of the cheese.

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Malted Barley, Cascade Hops, Water & Yeast

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