Baa…R! Box
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Beer / Snacks / Limited Edition Beer / Merchandise / Magazine

Black sheep is delighted to introduce our new Baa…r box to add to our flock. 

This fun and illustrated box holds ten beers, three of them being limited beers, merchandise and tasty snacks to enjoy. If that’s not enough we are so excited to welcome our new and exclusive magazine ‘What the Flock’ that accompanies every Baa…r box. 

The magazine will shed light on all things Black sheep and update you on the latest releases, exciting news, staff insights and more.

Every three months, we’ll be updating ‘What the Flock’ with latest editorial and content so that returning buyers can hear the latest news from Black sheep.

The Baa…r Box will also be updated with fresh snacks and beers every three months so don’t forget to order your next one in a few months’ time!



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