54 Lager


At our brewery in Masham, North Yorkshire, we brew 54 to a simple yet unique recipe that has Yorkshire authenticity at its heart. Every batch of 54 is brewed with fresh water from the Yorkshire Dales and is fermented in our iconic ‘Yorkshire Squares’ – a fermentation system that is rarely used elsewhere in the world. German Pilsner malt forms the base of 54 whilst a blend of noble hops from Bavaria give it a distinct, aromatic finish with vibrant floral notes aplenty.

Crisp. Clean. Refreshing.


Though the recipe is inspired by the classic lagers of Southern Germany, 54 is built on a foundation of true Yorkshire spirit. The ethos of 54 is to encourage people to travel, explore and to revel in the experiences that our amazing county has to offer. To experience the hills, vistas, rivers and people that make this part of the world so special.

THE NAME, ’54’.

The 54th parallel north is the line of latitude around the earth that passes through Masham, Yorkshre – the home of our brewery. We originally named our lager ’54° North’ but in July 2020, we abbreviated that to simply ’54’.

Pale Golden
A spicy, herbal nose layered over a light malt base.
The German hops offer delicious herbal characters with a light bitterness.
Food Matches
We recommend 54 alongside creamy, hot curries like a Lamb Rogan Josh.
Hops, Malted Barley, Torrefied Wheat, Water, Yeast


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