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Thirty: Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
Stout Beer

Gingerbread Imperial Stout | 9.0%


Bottle 500ml

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After a year of 30thBirthday celebrations, it made sense to end on a high. Thirty is an indulgent gingerbread-infused oak-aged imperial stout coming in at a shareable 9% ABV.

Built on dark, roasted malts, this stout has been delicately hopped with classic English Fuggles, Progress, Challenger and Goldings for a resinous, earthy hop character. The beer was then aged on gingerbread spices, bringing gentle heat and spiced sweetness, before being moved into ex-rum and bourbon barrels for 7 months. This extended barrel-aging introduces complex yeast characteristics, with bright acidic cherry and cola flavours, along with a delightful oaky vanilla finish. Unlike a lot of strong stouts, Thirty doesn’t have a cloying mouthfeel, instead being light on the tongue and finishing delightfully dry.

A stout beer to be savoured, Thirty reveals new, intricate flavours as it slowly warms in your glass.

Available in special edition 500ml Vichy bottles.

Bright sour cherries and subtle spice lead to opulent vanilla, coffee and chocolate, followed by hints of oak.
A flourish of rich malt, sharp fruit and oven-fresh gingerbread with nuanced wood notes, rounding out in a light, dry finish.
Food Matches
Savour this one with a slab of fruitcake with Wensleydale cheese, ideally next to a fire.
Water, malted barley(gluten), wheat(gluten), hops, ginger, gingerbread syrup

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