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Black Sheep Holy Grail Beer Review

05 January 2012
Category: Brewery News

The Beer Snob has been rating and reviewing beer, since January 2008 – so we were pleased when they recently got in touch to tell us how much they loved Black Sheep Holy Grail.

Monty Python’s Holy Grail (the beer not the movie)

Every beer is sacred.

Every beer is good.

Every beer is needed

In your neighbourhood.

Every beer is sacred.

Every beer is great.

If a beer is wasted,

God gets quite iraaaaaate! 

Happy New Year everybody. I woke up this morning feeling like a leprechaun hit me in the head with a hammer. Turns out that after a night out of drinking more that my fair share of Mill Street Tankhouse I should switch to water when I get home. Sadly I switched to Grey Goose. F*#$ing leprechaun. On the bright side a full day of sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself made me feel good enough to get back to “work”.

Most times when I try a novelty beer it turns out be be a huge disappointment. However by skipping the normal brewing process Black Sheep has taken a bold step by tempering this beer over burning witches. Holy Grail was quite a pleasant surprise. It’s a light Amber Ale with the bitterness of a Dark Ale and a strong but good aftertaste.

If you want to show up to a party with an interesting conversation starter as your beer or you have a friend that is a huge Python fan pick up the Ale that was specially

commissioned to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the  Pythons.

Thanks for the fantastic review Beer Snob!

– The Black Sheep Team.

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