Beer pancakes

If the thought of another Pancake Day spent sprinkling the unimaginative sugar and lemon combination onto your pancakes leaves you feeling uninspired and frankly bored, then why not be a bit more adventurous and make your own Beer Pancakes, with the special key ingredient being a splash of award winning Black Sheep Ale.

With three different Black Sheep bottled beers to try, you really can have fun creating your perfect beer pancake. From the strong, full bodied Riggwelter to the clean, robust taste of Black Sheep Ale, there really is something to suit all tastes. And with the alcoholic content of the beer being evaporated once cooked, you don't have to worry about having a sore head the next day!

Sue Theakston, the wife of Black Sheep Managing Director Paul Theakston, and the author of many Black Sheep recipes comments, 'Black Sheep bottled beer is the perfect addition in a pancake recipe. The beer's foam yields the softest pancakes, whilst adding a malty and distinctive flavour that is typical of Black Sheep beer. My pancake recipe, using Black Sheep Ale, is delicious with savoury fillings such as leeks and bacon in a cheese sauce, or chicken pieces in a mushroom sauce, or just as tasty with a big spoonful of maple syrup and vanilla ice cream!'

Sue Theakston's Black Sheep Beer Pancake recipe

110g/ 4ozs of plain flour

2 large eggs

7fl ozs of milk

3 flozs of Black Sheep ale

2 tblsp of melted butter

Butter or oil for the cooking pan

Mix all the ingredients together in a blender except the 2 tablespoons of melted butter. Leave to stand for 30 minutes. Heat a non stick frying pan and just coat it with a little butter or oil. Add the melted butter to the pancake mixture and pour enough into the pan to coat the base. Swirl it around so that it covers all the pan. Cook for a few minutes until the underside of the pancake is golden brown and then turn it over with a spatula or flip it and cook the other side. Serve it immediately with filling or sauce, or if you wish, stack them with greaseproof paper between and reheat later. They can be cooled and frozen for up to one month.

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