Vodka Party Box
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Vodka | Mixers | Branded Cocktail Shaker | Branded glasses | Party time


Get the party started with imperial Russian stout Vodka.


Using the influences of our beer we have created a Vodka of uncompromising quality, character and smoothness for you to enjoy.

 Create your own cocktails with our mixers and branded shaker and sit back with our glass in hand and enjoy.

Black sheep Vodka- Our vodka is handmade in Masham in small batches. It is single shot distilled in a copper alembic still over an open flame, just like our Gin. In order to create something unique to us we added some of our own rich, dark Imperial Russian Stout beer to the distillation. The aim here was not to create a flavoured vodka but to allow the beer to add a lovely extra depth and layer to the mouthfeel, so it gives a rich creaminess to the finished vodka.


What’s in the box:

1 x Black Sheep Vodka

1 x Branded Cocktail Shaker

2 x Glasses

2 x Mixers

1 x Black branded Hamper Box

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