Riggwelter Superfan Case

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Perhaps our most celebrated, iconic and most recognisable beer here at Black Sheep is Riggwelter, our fabled Dark Yorkshire Ale!

Riggwelter is a true wolf in sheep’s clothing, packing an abundance of delicious, rich flavours over a smooth bed of sweet malt and at warming abv. of 5.7%. Riggwelter is a legendary beer for so many people and since its introduction to our range in the mid-90s, it has become one of the most celebrated brews from Yorkshire!

This is a simple gift set, perfect for those people who hold Riggwelter in the highest regard. The case contains a generous 18 x 500ml bottles of Riggwelter along with our legendary Riggwelter cap! No frills, no whistles. Pure and simple, Riggwelter through and through!

*Be warned, this is a limited edition case – only 20 available! First come, first served!*

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