Black Sheep Vodka

We are proud of our brewing heritage and Yorkshire roots so when we do something we do it properly. So using the influence of our beer we have created a vodka of uncompromising quality, character and smoothness.

Our vodka is handmade in Masham in small batches. It is single shot distilled in a copper alembic still over an open flame, just like our Gin. In order to create something unique to us we added some of our own rich, dark Imperial Russian Stout beer to the distillation. The aim here was not to create a flavoured vodka but to allow the beer to add a lovely extra depth and layer to the mouthfeel, so it gives a rich creaminess to the finished vodka.

Like all the best vodkas we wanted ours to have uncompromising smoothness, so it is able to be sipped, chilled on its own. So we only took the first cut of the distillation which delivers a fabulously smooth vodka.

Serving suggestions: 

Russian style – Chill in the freezer and sip from a chilled shot glass.

Black Sheep Martini – Shake over ice with a dash of vermouth, pour into your favourite chilled cocktail glass (we like a vintage champagne saucer), and add a twist of lemon or an olive or two.


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