Pale Ale

Pale Ale

Brand new for 2019, Black Sheep Pale Ale is a fresh, punchy and aromatic pint inspired by the modern beer movement whilst also staying true to our British and Yorkshire brewing heritage.

Pouring crystal clear and light straw colour, Black Sheep Pale Ale is a vibrantly fresh and punchy new world pale ale with a clean white head. Aromas of freshly peeled citrus fruits rise above a delicate touch of mango. On the palate, bursts of juicy citrus dance with the pale malt to offer a beautifully clean sweetness before the fragrant hops leave a long and lasting bitter finish.

We use fresh Yorkshire Dales water from our bore hole and use our Yorkshire Square fermenting vessels to give the beer a distinct, Black Sheep finish. It’s a true celebration and showcase of the modern pale ale style whilst also staying true to our British and Yorkshire brewing heritage. 

Black Sheep Pale Ale is the one if you’re looking for a juicy pint with modern bite.

Pale Straw
Freshly peeled citrus with a touch of mango.
Bold citrus notes arise over a sweet malt bed with hints of tropical fruit adding an extra dimension.
Food Matches
Works beautifully with a fresh stonebaked pizza topped with tasty chorizo or salami.
Hops, Malted Barley, Torrefied Wheat, Water, Yeast

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