Cherry Blossom Porter

As Japan prepare for a huge year of sport, what with the Rugby World Cup and the Olympic games in 2020, we wanted to brew a beer inspired by the far east nation. Cherry blossom is of course a huge part of their culture and so we looked to intertwine cherries into the brew, and what goes well with cherries? Chocolate!

This is a beautifully balanced porter, with big chocolate flavours blending with sweet cherry to provide a dessert style porter that works perfectly with rich chocolate dishes. The carbonation lifts the flavours and increases its drinkability.

A real tasty pint!

Chocolate and a touch of cherry jam.
Chocolate flavours with sweet, slightly sour cherry notes.
Food Matches
Great with rich, chocolate desserts, even better with added fruit.
Malted barley Hops, Water, Yeast, Sugar, Lactose, Cherry

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