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Have a Rye Good Autumn with Rye Mild!

15 September 2017
Category: Brewery News
Rye Mild Beer

This September, we’re bringing you a taste of something special as we introduce a new ale to our seasonal range.

Rye Mild is a modern take on the classic ‘Mild’ style. Traditionally, a ‘Mild’ is almost always dark in colour and tends to focus on the malt used in the brew, often giving it a variety of sweet flavours on the nose and palate. Unfortunately, the style has fallen out of favour in recent times due to various reasons.

That said, the style is legendary here in Britain and we wanted to honour the famous mild by creating our own version with a modern twist.

At 4.1&, Rye Mild is a full flavoured, all-day session ale. The mash bill is made up of dark crystal malt, pale chocolate malt and roasted rye. The rye is particularly powerful, offering roasted, spicy notes and adding an astringent quality to the ale. The dryness that the rye provides is contrasted against a juicy, hop-forward note coming from the abundance of hops that we use throughout the brewing process. The challenger hops add a generous bitterness whilst Chinook gives the aroma a smack of citrus and pine. This smooth and well-rounded flavour blends perfectly with the malt base and the result is a balanced pint with great sessionability.

We’ve tested Rye Mild alongside a fragrant lamb tagine and it offers a superb contrast to the tasty dish – so we’d fully recommend giving this combination a try!

Rye Mild will be available nationwide this September and through into October too, so plenty of time to give it a try! It’ll offer a perfect accompaniment to the autumn weather and as we approach the dark evenings, it’s a great addition to any late-afternoon pub visit.

We owe a lot to the humble mild here in the UK. And this is our take on the tasty pint – Rye Mild.

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