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Ale and Cheese, not Chalk and Cheese

02 October 2008
Category: Brewery News

With National Cheese Week fast approaching you might be on the look out for a more unique approach to enjoying a good cheese. The Black Sheep Brewery has two particular ales that would accompany different cheeses really well. Taking place between 27 September and 5 October, National Cheese Week allows you to delve into the world of cheese, perhaps for the first time or perhaps as a seasoned veteran. But by thinking out of the box you can create a whole new taste sensation by pairing cheese with real ale instead of wine.

Black Sheep Brewery’s dark and flavoursome Riggwelter Ale and the lighter, smoother Golden Sheep Ale are perfect accompaniments to the world of cheese whether you’re going for a stronger more mature taste or opting for a lighter, creamier cheese.

Black Sheep’s Head Brewer, Alan Dunn recommends: ‘Many people would think that ale is too heavy or overpowering to accompany a cheese, however the subtle flavours and hints of texture allow the cheese to take on a different taste direction. Riggwelter Ale is a great companion for a stronger cheese such as stilton, as it can hold its own against the mature flavours without any spoils. Whereas Golden Sheep Ale is a much better match for a lighter creamier cheese such as a Wensleydale.’

With a great Yorkshire tradition behind both Black Sheep Brewery and Wensleydale, the heritage of flavours and tastes from the county work well together creating the perfect partnership of regional delicacies.

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