Black Sheep sponsors Hambleton Football Combination

Black Sheep is once again sponsoring the Hambleton Football Combination. The league which is local to the breweryn begins on the 2nd of December and details of the all the fixtures can be found below. 2 December North Riding Sunday Challenge Cup – Round 3 (If the scores are level at the end of normal time the match will be decided by the taking of penalty kicks.  NO EXTRA TIME. Lakes SC,Redcar                            v          Stokesley SC                                                K. Beckett Redcar Athletic                                 v          Osmotherley FC                                         M. Hobson Robert Thompsons, Thirsk             v          The Red Lion, Middlesbrough                   B. Stones   Division 1 Blue Star, Thirsk                              v          Croft                                                             D. Holmes CatterickVillage                               v          Sportsmans, N’ton                                         L. Brown Kildale                                                v          Tithe Bar FC, N’ton                                          P. Scott Northallerton Police                                    v          Broughton & Kirkby Hibs                            M. Girgan     2 December continued Division 2 Ainderby S.C. N’ton                                    v          Appleton Wiske                                   M. De Cosemo Knayton                                             v          Cowtons                                                          S. Foster The Ship,Richmond                      v          Bar1, N’ton                                                    A. Godkin Three Coopers, Bedale                   v          Streetlam Farmers                                         A. Foster Travaux, Catterick Garrison           v          Leyburn Allstars                                        R. Doorbar   Division 3 CountyArms, N’ton                         v          West Tanfield                                                   T. Burn Jolly Minister, N’ton                         v          Topcliffe                                                           J. Wilson Masons Arms, N’ton                        v          Golden Lion, Romanby                         G. Chapman Northern Dons, N’ton                      v          Masham                                                         M. Ullyott Osmotherley Rangers                     v          Farmers Arms, Scorton                       Colin Rushton Station Hotel, N’ton                         v          Brompton                                                 P. Mc Callion     9 December   Black Sheep Brewery League Cup – Round 4. (EXTRA TIME AND PENALTIES IF NECESSARY). CatterickVillage                               v          Broughton & Kirkby Hibs                              J.Wilson The Ship,Richmond                       v          Henleys Athletic, Bedale                                 S. Nye Topcliffe                                             v          Croft                                                                 S. Peake   Bob Seymour Trophy (Division 2) – Quarter Final. Leyburn Allstars                               v          Knayton                                                         M. Ullyott   Division 1 Robert Thompsons, Thirsk             v          Blue Star, Thirsk                                            A. Foster Sportsmans, N’ton                           v          Kildale                                                            M. Girgan Tithe Bar FC, N’ton                          v          Northallerton Police                                            J.Havelock   Division 2 Ainderby S.C. N’ton                                    v          Cowtons                                                J. Stephenson Appleton Wiske                                v          Streetlam Farmers                                    C. Finnigan Bar1, N’ton                                        v          Three Coopers, Bedale                                 A. Childs Northallerton WMC                          v          Brompton on Swale                                   D. Holmes Travaux, Catterick Garrison    v          Osmotherley FC                                           M. Bowes   Division 3 Brompton                                           v          Osmotherley Rangers                                 I. Ramsey Masham                                             v          Farmers Arms, Scorton                                  S. Urwin Northern Dons, N’ton                      v          Masons Arms, N’ton                                      L. Brown  Vale ofYork, Carlton Miniott          v          Station Hotel, N’ton                                         T. Burn  West Tanfield                                   v          Jolly Minister, N’ton                              D. Thompson                   16 December Divisional Cup Matches – Quarter Finals.  (EXTRA TIME AND PENALTIES IF NECESSARY).   Frank Bainbridge Cup (Division 1) Broughton & Kirkby Hibs                v          Croft                                                                 S. Peake Northallerton Police                                    v          Kildale                                                               S. Urwin   Bob Seymour Trophy (Division 2) Ainderby S.C. N’ton                                    v          Streetlam Farmers                               Colin Rushton Bar1, N’ton                                        v          The Ship, Richmond                                   B. Stones Northallerton WMC                          v          Cowtons                                                            P. Scott   Scorpion Cup (Division 3) CountyArms, N’ton                         v          Golden Lion, Romanby                            D. Holmes Jolly Minister, N’ton                         v          West Tanfield                                           J. Havelock Osmotherley Rangers                     v          Masons Arms, N’ton                                 C. Finnigan Topcliffe                                             v          Brompton                                                       S. Foster   Division 1 Henleys Athletic, Bedale                v          Blue Star, Thirsk                                              T. Burn Sportsmans, N’ton                           v          Robert Thompsons, Thirsk                    G. Chapman StokesleySC                                    v          Tithe Bar FC, N’ton                             M. De Cosemo   Division 2 Appleton Wiske                                v          Travaux, Catterick Garrison               Clare Rushton Brompton on Swale                         v          Three Coopers, Bedale                                    S. Nye   Division 3 Masham                                             v          Station Hotel, N’ton                                     J.Vernon Vale ofYork, Carlton Miniott          v          Northern Dons, N’ton                                     J. Eland     23 December Division 1 CatterickVillage                               v          Tithe Bar FC, N’ton                                      T. Godkin Northallerton Police                                    v          Blue Star, Thirsk                                        D. Holmes Robert Thompsons, Thirsk             v          Croft                                                                    S. Nye Sportsmans, N’ton                           v          Broughton & Kirkby Hibs                              A. Foster StokesleySC                                    v          Henleys Athletic, Bedale                        J.Havelock   Division 2 Ainderby S.C. N’ton                                    v          Northallerton WMC                                      M. Girgan Appleton Wiske                                v          Bar1, N’ton                                            J. Stephenson Brompton on Swale                         v          The Ship, Richmond                                     J. Wilson Leyburn Allstars                               v          Three Coopers, Bedale                         L. Donaldson Osmotherley FC                               v          Knayton                                                        I. Ramsey Travaux, Catterick Garrison           v          Streetlam Farmers                                       M. Ullyott   Division 3 Jolly Minister, N’ton                         v          Brompton                                              Clare Rushton Masham                                             v          Osmotherley Rangers                          D. Thompson Masons Arms, N’ton                        v          Northern Dons, N’ton                                    A. Childs Station Hotel, N’ton                         v          Vale of York, Carlton Miniott                      B. Stones West Tanfield                                   v          Farmers Arms, Scorton                               M. Bowes 30 December Division 1 Henleys Athletic, Bedale                v          Tithe Bar FC, N’ton                                        A. Foster Kildale                                                v          Croft                                                       Colin Rushton Robert Thompsons, Thirsk             v         CatterickVillage                                            S. Foster Sportsmans, N’ton                           v          Northallerton Police                                                M. Girgan StokesleySC                                    v          Blue Star, Thirsk                                            S. Peake   Division 2 Appleton Wiske                                v          Brompton on Swale                                        S. Urwin Osmotherley Rangers                     v          Bar1, N’ton                                                      J. Eland Streetlam Farmers                           v          Leyburn Allstars                                           M. Ullyott The Ship,Richmond                       v          Northallerton WMC                                 G. Chapman Three Coopers, Bedale                   v          Knayton                                                           L. Brown Travaux, Catterick Garrison           v          Ainderby S.C. N’ton                                          L. Donaldson   Division 3 Brompton                                           v          West Tanfield                                            C. Finnigan Masons Arms, N’ton                        v          Farmers Arms, Scorton                        D. Thompson Northern Dons, N’ton                      v          Golden Lion, Romanby                                  P. Scott Station Hotel, N’ton                         v          Jolly Minister, N’ton                            M. De Cosemo Topcliffe                                             v          Osmotherley Rangers                         J. Stephenson Vale ofYork, Carlton Miniott          v         CountyArms, N’ton                                     I. Ramsey

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