Triple-Hopped Pale Ale - Available August '18

Threedom, new to our range for 2018, is a Triple-Hopped Pale Ale showcasing three Goliaths of the hop world. Travelling straight from the U.S.A, Summit, Galena and Citra hops are used to create a big, juicy pint with loads of flavour.

A tropical aroma is followed by a bitter, juicy palate with notes of zesty, citrus fruit. It pours a gorgeous light straw colour and is perfect drinking for the - hopefully - hot month of August!

Threedom celebrates the abundance of amazing hops that are currently being grown across the pond, working them into our unique, Yorkshire brewing methods.

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A firm bitterness pleasantly blends with the sweet juiciness of the hops. A touch of pine adds an extra oddity to this fruity pale ale.

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Tropical fruits with juicy orange zest.

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Ideal with an ace, juicy burger.

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