Whitakers in Otley celebrates its 200th guest cask ale

The occasion coincides with National Cask Ale Week which runs from 29 March to 5 April. Greg Mullholland MP for Leeds North West and a member of the all party beer group was on hand to pull the first pint.

To celebrate the event, Wayne and Melanie Green who run the pub have organised a 'meet the Brewer' event with Phil Douglas from Black Sheep Brewery who will talk about beer and its history, the raw materials involved in its production and specifically how Black Sheep operates. This will be followed by a tasting session featuring their brand new Golden Sheep beer.

Wayne and Mel said 'It seems only fitting that in a difficult time for the trade, with cask ale being one of the very few growing trends, that we mark the event with a local brewer who is having a nationwide impact with a range of fabulous products.

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