Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival

The King's Head in Kettlewell recently held their Scarecrow Festival, involving life-sized scarecrows stood in streets, gardens and doorways. Others wait at bus stops, peer into shop windows and play cricket on the village green. There were hundreds of them, dressed as farmers, businessmen, animals and even Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. Laborious efforts had clearly gone into creating them.

At night, the sinister figures lurking in dark alleyways might have scared off unsuspecting strangers rather than crows. In a pub, a huge black sheep appeared to be ordering a pint of its namesake ale at the bar.

The festival is a week long event, taking place every August. So, if you're in Kettlewell next August and you meet Sherlock Holmes in the street, or sheep drinking in the pub, you're not seeing things; it's just the scarecrows enjoying their annual get together.

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