Michelin Star Restaurant Achieves Cask Marque Award

Congratulations to the Pipe and Glass Inn, South Dalton, for achieving the Cask Marque award. We are proud to have sponsored them to achieve this award and be part of their success. The Pipe and Glass Inn already holds a Michelin star, making it Yorkshire’s first pub to hold both a Michelin star and Cask Marque award. The Cask Marque accreditation is given to establishments that provide the perfect pint of cask beer. Precision storage and serving of the cask beer needs to be demonstrated in order to achieve the accreditation. Annabel Smith, Britain’s first female cask beer inspector, assessed the Pipe and Glass, who passed with flying colours. Annabel Smith said, “Being able to serve cask beer takes a considerable amount of skill and investment to ensure that the beer is of the highest quality standard and skill in terms of cellar practices and investment in cooling equipment. The Pipe and Glass Inn have demonstrated their commitment and justifiably deserve the Cask Marque award.”

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