We are on the up with 3 new trucks!

Our eight-strong fleet of Black Sheep vehicles deliver to pubs & breweries all across the UK -  you may have even spotted one or two!   As part of a deal with Volvo Crosssroads Bus and Truck Deport in Boroughbridge, we have replaced 3 of our older vehicles with new models. The upgrade will offer fuel and cost-efficiency savings of up to 50%, reducing the long-term running costs of our vehicles.  
Alan Dunn, (our Production Director), said: “Many of our deliveries are timed. Therefore, reliability and vehicle uptime are of paramount importance to Black Sheep Brewery. We are always developing new markets and extending our range of products so we need a modern, reliable fleet to ensure delivery schedules are adhered to.”
  What do you think of the new trucks? Comment and let us know!    

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